Trouble Shooting

After loading money, you will need to “tell” the machine you put money in it by entering the dollar amount or bill count (depending on your ATM) in the ATM.  Normally this will take care of the error; however on some ATMs the error code must be reset.

Most ATMs use thermal paper. Thermal paper will only print on one-side. If your
ATM is shooting paper for receipts but the print is blank, then the paper just needs to be turned over and reloaded.

It is easy to forget to enter the amount loaded into the ATM, or to tell the ATM the wrong amount.  To show the correct balance, you will need to ‘zero’ out the ATM and re-enter the correct amount.

This can be a little confusing.  The ATM processor closes the day at 2pm central time.  So any transactions that fall after 2pm will fall into the next business day.  It is best to print your Day Close report at 2pm daily to ensure the balance reflects the processor’s current business day totals for your ATM.

Is the ATM sharing a phone line with another piece of equipment?  For example if the ATM is sharing the phone line with a fax, then if the fax is receiving calls, the ATM will not be able to dial out.  If the ATM is not sharing a phone line, you will want to check the line that is connected to the ATM for a dial tone, both at the wall connection and where the phone line plugs into the ATM.  If there is no dial tone, you will want to call your phone service provider.  If you have a dial tone, it may be a bad modem in your ATM or if your phone line is connected to a surge protector, the surge protector may need to be replaced.

Try rebooting the router, many times this is all that is needed to fix this issue.

There is a great chance your phone line is running digital instead of analog.  Digital lines are becoming the norm as they are faster.  Unfortunately digital lines are too fast for an ATM and communication issues and reversals become common.  If this is the case, you can call your phone company and ask for an analog line for your ATM or if you have internet available, now may be the best time to switch your ATM to run via TCP/IP.