Mobile/Tablet POS

With the increased popularity of wireless networking and decreased cost of mobile computing devices, more businesses are adopting mobile solutions.  A mobile point of sale system (POS) is an important tool that can help businesses run their business more effectively and provides an opportunity to sell anywhere.  Using a cell phone, tablet or network device, merchants can easily track transaction activities, bestsellers, inventory levels, reorder alerts, labor managment and a variety of other time critical data necessary to maximize profitablity.  Some key benefits to owning a mobile POS system are:

  • See Increased Sales.  A mobile POS allows the option to sell anywhere from tradeshows, to events to even a outdoor garden for a landscaper.
  • Improved Customer Experience.  No more having to wait in line to place your order.  Cashiers and servers can now be sales consultants from suggestive selling, closing deals to helping customers make a purchase.
  • Price & Inventory Look-up.  No more not knowing what a price is or if an item is in stock.
  • Enhanced Marketing.  Keep your customer’s emails on file from emailed receipts and send coupons, sales offers or other marketing opportunities.
  • Save Money.  Reduce cost posed by wired installations, expensive hardware and unwanted viruses.
  • Cloud Based.  No risk of ever losing sales data, customer analytics or other important data.  Plus merchants can access data anytime/anywhere.

Cornerstone offers a mobile solution for both restaurant/bar industries and retail industries.  Please click on the link below for your businesses’s mobile POS solution:


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