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Simplicity for All Restaurants and Bars – Restaurant and bar operators are faced with complex and mission critical responsibilites such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, labor management, kitchen productivity, and much more everyday.

In the busy quest for success, time becomes a valuble commodity for restaurant operators.  The ability to simplify and streamline operations not only helps increase the bottom line, but also yields the greatly desired time for family and friends.

Aldelo POS Pro is the ideal point of sale and store management solution to help simplify operations for all table service restaurants, quick service restaurants and bars.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity – Aldelo POS Pro point of sale and management solution empowers restauranteurs to increase efficiency and reduce complexity.  It is a super simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience.

Aldelo POS Pro takes care of point of sale activities, reservation and waiting list, guest and manager paging, customer tracking, gift card management, house account charges, delivery order routing and tracking, table service and quick service order entry, cashier payment handling, financial accountability, staff communications, and much more all included and ready for action out of the box.

Aldelo POS Pro gives restauranteurs complete management control at their fingertips.  Management features such as inventory and recipe tracking, labor and scheduling control; extensive reports, and much more are all standard features and easily accessible with just a click away.  Restauranteurs also gain insight into store operations effortlessly with dozens of extensive reports.

Maximize Productivity and ROI- Aldelo POS Pro is great for small, medium, and large restaurants and bars.  We service customers ranging from a single point of sale terminal to more than ten point of sale terminals within one location.  Aldelo POS Pro is also great for customers having just one store location, or hundreds of store locations across the country.

Aldelo’s advanced software solution maixmizes productivity with its full featured capabilities and ease of use.  Imagine, customers stay more satisfied with faster order processing; staff activities are more streamlined; managers are more informed about store operations; waste and mistakes are greatly reduced.  Everything works perfectly, efficient and simplified everyday.

Regardless of your food service operation theme, type or size, Aldelo POS Pro is the perfect hospitality point of sale and store management solution to help you achieve simplicity, productivity and efficiency.  Aldelo’s cost effective software solution truly enables all restuarants to enjoy the benefits of store automation while achieving the best possible return on investment.

Aldelo POS Pro Lite

The Perfect Cash Register Replacement- Aldelo POS Lite is a perfect cash register replacment for today’s quick service and fast casual operations.

Advanced piont of sale software provides extensive features and benefits over cash registers.  It’s time for quick service and fast casual establishments to achieve simplicity and maximum efficiency.

Cash registers and non specialized point of sale solutions hinder productivity.  Aldelo POS Lite is designed to enhance quick service and fast casual operations.  It helps restauranteurs increase productivity and achieve better control.

Complete Control and Advanced Features- Aldelo POS Lite gives quick service and fast casual operators complete control over store operations.

Features such as easy to use point of sale, delivery routing and tracking, integrated payment processing support, financials accountability and extensive reports are all part of the standard capabilities.

Better productivity, improved efficiency and faster services empower quick service and fast casual restaurants to enhance store operations.

Designed for QSR and Extremely Affordable- Aldelo POS Lite is designed specifically for quick service and fast casual operations, and is extremely affordable for even the smallest operation.

This edition of Aldelo POS contains a subset of features found in the Aldelo POS Pro.

With the extremely affordable price point and advanced store operation capabilities, Aldelo POS Lite makes the perfect replacement for those old cash registers and non specialized point of sale solutions.

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