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A Full Suite of Powerful Restaurant POS & Management Solutions with EVERYTHING You Need to Manage Your Business for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Pizzerias, Deli’s, Lounges, Pubs, Clubs, and other Food Establishments

Aldelo is committed to provide restaurateurs the best integrated POS and management experience like no other.  Aldelo offers a wide array of solutions and services to perfectly fit into your business needs.

Aldelo’s XERA POS offers comprehensive restaurant POS capabilities, enabling operators to achieve efficiency and simplicity.  Aldelo’s innovated mobility and Cloud technologies further empower restaurateurs with flexibility, scalability and accessibility.

Experience the Aldelo difference today and let us grow with you with our forward thinking restaurant POS, mobility and Cloud solutions.

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Why Cornerstone is an Aldelo Preferred Authorized Channel Partner

Cornerstone is committed to successfully serving the needs of new and existing restaurants and bars which are looking to buy their first POS system or upgrading to a new one.  Aldelo is one of the leaders of the Hospitality Industry POS market, having more than 120,000 installations worldwide.

We researched and compared a long list of different POS software existing on the market today.   We compared cost, quality, features, reliablity, support and new feature development and we are confident that Aldelo POS software is the best in offering great value at little cost.

The same criteria for comparison was used in selecting the hardware that we use for stations, printers, network, etc. We constantly scan the market in order to be on the cutting edge of quality and reliability versus price.CornerstoneProcessing_S