A Face-to-Face or Retail transaction is generally conducted at the site of the sale when the customer presents the card to the merchant to complete the transaction. This is the traditional method of processing transactions at a checkout desk for retail establishments, including: restaurants, hotel/lodging, convenience stores, doctor’s offices and retail stores.

Cornerstone Processing Solutions provides the payment solution that fits with your business strategy. Our solutions are designed to reduce your customer wait time by increasing the speed of transactions. With Cornerstone Processing Solutions you get a customized payment solutions the suits your business.

Cornerstone is proud to be one of the largest suppliers of credit card processing terminals in the United States.  We stock credit card equipment from all major manufacturers, and ship most orders from our own distribution center.  Below is just a small list of products we carry.  For a complete line of products please call us at 1-888-878-2615 x 0.

Wireless Transactions

Wireless transactions are considered face-to-face or retail transactions too. Merchants who conduct transactions face-to-face, but who have mobile sales either as an extension of their fixed retail location (such as tradeshows or events), or as their sole means of selling, will have their needs best met through wireless terminals that transmit transactions via cellular phone lines. These terminals can transmit transactions at the time of the sale, or can store the transactions and transmit them in a later batch depending on the merchant’s needs and location.  Below is just a small list of wireless products we carry.  For a complete line of products please call us at 1-888-878-2615 x 0.

Restaurant, Hotel/Lodging and Petroleum Industries

Merchants in these industries often use multiple modes of transacting. Specific programs and equipment packages are available for restaurant, hotel/lodging and petroleum establishments which cater specifically to the needs of these multi-transacting businesses. Please contact us regarding the hardware and software packages tailored to these businesses.

Smart Phone/Swipe

“Don’t be squared in” Now you can accept payments on your Apple or Android mobile device. 

Free Software App and Card Reader: It is easy to get started. Set up your merchant account and download the software app. Once your account is approved, we will send you your free card reader.

Real-Time Reporting: The software app offers reporting to help you quickly find and review each transaction.

Discounts, Tips & Tax: You are able to include discounts and tips on individual sales. Also, you can automatically calculate your tax rate based on your location.

Email or Print Receipts: You have the choice to email receipts to customers or print receipts for the sales.

Customizable Inventory: It only takes a matter of minutes to create an inventory system with images.

Mobile Phone Swipe

Qualified Rate – 2.69%

No Statement Fee

No Monthly Minimum

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