ATM Models

Cornerstone provides a variety of ATM make and models.  For a complete line of products, please call us at 1-888-878-2615 x 0.

“Cornerstone is a wonderful company.  I never have a problem contacting someone to help with any issues that may arise.  They are very quick, thoughtful and thorough.  You will not be sorry if you give them a chance, there is no other company like them.”  -Helen Lee – RPCS Inc., Springfield, Missouri

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Since 2006, GenMega has been a manufacturer and a provider of ATM solutions with well over 50,000 units deployed worldwide. Their products are built on a  philosophy of cutting-edge engineering and integration wrapped in attractive, modern designs which are not only easy to deploy and maintain but also invite customers and maximize your returns.

GenMega G2500

Designed for retail and off-premise locations, this ATM comes loaded with all the features you expect, and also provides additional hardware configuration choices which allow you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customers or location.

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GenMega Onyx

With an up-to-date look and a feature set sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology for any market. Whether in a hotel, club or gas station, the Onyx ATM will stand out in a location while still looking financial to encourage transactions.

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GenMega GT3000

The GT3000 is an affordable, true, through-the-wall machine that retains all the features and options of a retail floor model ATM in a small, compact weather resistant chassis.  This ATM is perfect for tight spaces or anywhere location space is valuable.


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GenMega Onyx W

Introducting the all new Onyx-W ATM.  The Onyx-W can be installed securely as a Wall Mount or on a Counter Top.  You’re installation options are only limited by your imagination.

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Triton is a well-known ATM manufacturer who  provides reliable and high quality ATMs. For more than 30 years, Triton has provided innovative features and new products. Triton is a trusted name in the business world, providing affordable products. With a sleek look and a small footprint, Triton ATMs have had a great modular design which makes them easy to upgrade.

For a complete line of products, please call us at 1-888-878-2615

Triton ARGO

Introducing the ATM of the future!  For over 30 years, Triton ATMs have set the standard in innovative cash-dispensing solutions.  ARGO, the newest line of ATMs, is no exception.  ARGO features an updated, next-generation design with added elements of security, larger screens, and easier-to-read keypads or touchscreen options.  For the first time in industry history, models are now available in and eco-friendly, printer-less model, reducing each machine’s carbon footprint and resulting in cost savings over the life of the machine.

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Triton Traverse

The Triton Traverse’s sleek unit is designed expressly for the retail market, with a silhouette that protects PIN security.  All Triton ATMs run on Windows – based operating system to ensure future upgradeability and provide a solid platform for advertising and branding.  And we hope you’re feeling lucky because the Traverse is quick-pick lottery capable!

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Nautilus Hyosung

With over 28 years of experience in the industry, Nautilus Hyosung has been a technology leader in ATMs and other self-service solutions. With its vertically integrated business structure, Nautilus Hyosung is able to effectively integrate its software development capabilities with its sound hardware manufacturing platforms with speed and flexibility. Providing complete solutions in hardware, software and electronic banking services to the financial services and off-premise markets, Nautilus Hyosung will commit to enabling maximum cost reduction, security and creating new business opportunities for our partners.

Nautilus Hyosung Halo II

The Halo II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features and an affordable price.  This new member of the Nautilus Hyosung retail family offers an improved UL 291 business hours safe with added break in protection, and EMV card reader with optimal anti-skimming, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and more secure communications protection suing TLS (Transport Layer Security) transimssion encryption.

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Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

The NH-2700CE is designed to provide 2nd to none reliability in the retail market locations with highest uptime and with minimum maintenance needs.  You won’t have to worry about replacing the parts or sudden breakdowns because the NH-2700CE is designed to run for a very long time-problem-free!

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Nautilus Hyosung MX5000SE

The Nautilus Hyosung MX5000SE is a heavy duty, 481lbs, ATM with a large 10.4″ color screen and small footprint.  The Nautilus Hyosung MX5000SE  supports two diverse types of hardware platforms and sidecar that gives various value added services.  Ultimately, customers can benefit from increased revenue streams in a cost effective ATM.

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Nautilus Hyosung 4000W

The 4000W offers unprecedented deployment flexibility while supporting a robust set of traditional ATM service offerings.  This wall mounted ATM is ideal for sites where real estate is at a premium.  The 4000W delivers total cost of ownership results in a reliable, secure platform.

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Hantle USA, formerly Tranax, is an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of self-service technology to the retail, banking, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming industries. From the beginning, Tranax has been known for its innovative, high-value products, but what really differentiates the company from larger competitors is its strong focus on product quality and reliability. Tranax served as Seoul, Korean-based Nautilus Hyosung’s North American ATM distributor from 1998 until January 2007, when the two companies severed their relationship. In September 2008, Tranax announced its sale to Eltna, a two-year old Korean-based holding corporation. Eltna’s Hantle Division is now making the ATMs and Tranax is now known as Hantle USA.

“I currently have ATM’s through four ATM companies. The BEST ATM company in Wisconsin is clearly Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. They offer me the best pricing and are the easiest to work with. Their entire staff is always prompt, courteous, and provide quick response time with service issues and don’t charge extra monthly fees. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Cornerstone for your ATM needs. When my agreements expire with the other companies I will switch them all to Cornerstone. I have even seen their President, Brad, at our last couple of legislative days in Madison.”

Tommy Brucker – Tommy’s, Racine, WI

To find out more information, please contact us at 1-888-878-2615

Hantle Mini-Bank 1700 Series

The Mini-Bank 1700 Series raises the bar for quality, engineering and design. While targeted for lower volume markets, the small footprint design retains all the standard features of a higher end machine.

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Hantle Mini-Bank C4000 Series

The Mini-Bank e4000 offers best in class value. Its contemporary design is matched with the reliability, durability and security you’ve come to expect from Tranax. At 260lbs, the solid construction of the Mini-Bank e4000 provides a secure vault while at the same time offering the same modular construction for ease of access/maintenance.


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Hantle T4000

The Hantle t4000 ATM provides an econonmical, high performance through-the-wall solution.  Designed and built with compact modular components and engineered for easy installation, the t4000 offers a host of high-end features including a 10.4″ Sun-Viewable Color LCD screen which supposrts custom screen advertisements.

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