"First of all, I want to express my extreme appreciation for Kristy going out to meet me with a new terminal...early in the morning, on a Saturday, on a holiday weekend. Her dedication as an employee cannot be praised highly enough on my end. THAT is why we want to work with a business located in WI, and why we continue to add accounts with Cornerstone/Mercury. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!!!"
Diane Jerdee, Delton Grand Resort Spa (Wisconsin Dells, WI)
"I switched from a large national provider to Cornerstone 3 years ago and have been saving money ever since. I own & operate a bar/restaurant in southwest Wisconsin. In my small operation I've been able to save over $100 per month in fees and finance charges. My rates are still the same today as they were when they quoted me 3 years ago. Their service and support is also far superior to what I had before. How nice it is to have someone on the phone that I can understand when I call with a question. Thank You Cornerstone"
Kevin "Cujo" TImmerman, Doolittle's Pub & Eatery (Lancaster, WI)
“I have been with Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. since December 2008. I was referred to Cornerstone by a local bank after inquiring about how much I was paying in processing costs each month. After speaking with one of Cornerstone’s Merchant Advisors I found out I had been set up improperly by my previous processor; a large national company that had sold my account two times previously! I had been leasing equipment for $45.00 a month. I found out three things about this equipment: 1. Cornerstone would have leased it to me for $15.99 per month. 2. The way my business is set up I did not need it. 3. They (previous processor) had me set up as a swiped account when most of my transactions were being keyed in as I told the representative; which caused my transactions to downgrade, costing me money. So not only is Cornerstone saving me $45.00 a month on an equipment lease I never needed, but I am also receiving an awesome rate! Cornerstone is there when I call them, they have great customer service, and treat me like a friend, not like those large companies where you are just another account number.”
Scott Williquette, Uptown Catering (Oshkosh, WI)
“I Love my ATM and Cornerstone. They are so helpful. My Credit Card fees have gone from between $175 and $250 per month down to about $50 per month since I got my ATM. I Love it!”
Carrie Laverdiere, South End Pub & Grill (Green Bay, WI)
“Every bar should have an Electronic Check Reader-you’re crazy if you don’t!”
Kenny, Century Elm (Larson, WI)
“My Electronic Check Reader is the best product in the business-wish it was around years ago!”
Rick, Chambers Hill (Green Bay, WI)
"Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. provides our credit card processing, ATM, and now, gift cards – which is great, because using one company for all services certainly simplifies our needs and is much more efficient. They have saved my business money, and provided local, personal service - which includes staff making service calls when the need arises. I have other companies calling on me all the time, but I couldn’t imagine any other company providing the service I receive. Gift cards are much easier, more secure and efficient to manage than paper gift certificates. My staff loves them!
Dave, Brooklyn Bar & Grill (Oshkosh, WI)
“The Electronic Check Reader saved my business $10,000 in 2 years!”
Gerby, East Towne Pub (Green Bay, WI)
“We’ve had our Electronic Check Reader about four years and checks are no longer a problem. We have no bad checks, paperwork, or problems anymore.”
Lynn Monson, Wedges (Janesville, WI)
“Best investment I ever made (Electronic Check Reader). I also have an ATM and wouldn’t be without them.”
Jerry, Trails End Saloon (Turtle Lake, WI)
“Have seen credit card/debit card acceptance help our business greatly and no longer have to worry about checks with our Electronic Check Reader.”
Kim, Hagen's Tavern (Wisconsin Dells, WI)
“Good morning Michelle, I just wanted to forward a compliment our merchant paid to you. He said you were very kind and patient in dealing with him in particular through PAI in the midst of all the trouble shooting and technical difficulties.”
Brian Ciha, T-Bucket (Green Bay, WI)
“I pulled the old ATM out so that I could have a smaller one and - wow - the I-Act is so much faster and easier to use. (I-Act 2000)” (He has bought 14 more ATMs since.)
Tommy, Tommy's (Racine, WI)
“Bought ATM 2 years after bought bar – best thing we ever did, keeps our customers around longer.”
Howard and Doug, Thirsty Fox (Milwaukee, WI)
“Unbelievable! People have money and can’t get it. They ask, “Take a check?” Hell no, use the ATM. Haven’t had a bad check in over a year, since I got the ATM.”
Lenny, WItt's End
“Our ATM uses lots of paper, if you’re questioning whether your blue collar customer base will use it, guaranteed, they will use it. One of the best investments we’ve made.”
Bob, Pioneer Grill (Menominee, WI)
“Our ATM is the best thing we ever did. Keeps people at your bar, when they can get more money.”
Betty Witt, Witt's End (Caledonia, WI)
“I wish I would have bought the ATM three years ago, the day I opened the bar.”
Dave Schultz, Porky's (Mondovi, WI)
“I should have put one in (ATM) seven years ago. It’s a no brainer.”
Loopy, Loopy's (Chippewa Falls, WI)
“We have an ATM at both our Beaver Dam bar and our Waupun convenience store. They work great and we are given excellent service.”
Cindy and Todd, Charly Browns and Marshland Mobil (Beaver Dam and Waupun, WI)
“My ATM makes me about $6000 per year just on surcharges. I would recommend every bar has one.”
Jim Picket, Alpine Inn (La Crosse, WI)
“I currently have ATM’s through four ATM companies. The BEST ATM company in Wisconsin is clearly Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. They offer me the best pricing and are the easiest to work with. Their entire staff is always prompt, courteous, and provides quick response time with service issues and don’t charge extra monthly fees. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Cornerstone for your ATM needs. When my agreements expire with the other companies I will switch them all to Cornerstone. I have even seen their President, Brad, at our last couple of legislative days in Madison.”
Tommy Brucker, Tommy's (Racine, WI)
“I have used other ATM companies in previously owned establishments. Currently, I have an ATM from Cornerstone in both my bar and convenience store. Cornerstone provided me the best price and is the best when it comes to needing help with any questions or service. They are also very supportive of the TLW and WPMCST.”
Joe Wallender, City Slickers & Pioneer Pit Stop (Fond du Lac, WI)
“I own two bars. I bought my first ATM with Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. years ago and got a really good deal. I was very pleased with the service and friendliness. I opened a second bar and without hesitation, I contacted Cornerstone right away. I even purchased an Age Verifier at the last TLW show.”
Tim Schertz, Bruisers & Nikki's Martini Bar
“I was hesitant to pay $4000, but my ATM was easily paid for within a year. I’ve never seen a better thing – selling someone back there money. Last Friday I put $2000 into my ATM and by Sunday morning it was gone and I know that most of this was spent in my bar.”
Karen & Mark (Chico), Schooner's Pub (Port Washington, WI)
“I have had my ATM for 5 years and whenever I have a question or problem they always help me out over the phone, great to deal with!”
Chuck, Yellow Lake Golf Course (Danbury, WI)
“I thought an ATM would never work, it’s used all the time and has increased my cash flow business. Great Investment!”
Scott, Sunset Tavern (Black River Falls)
“I wish I would have done this 10 years ago.”
Thomas, Tommy J's (Malone, WI)
“I have been using Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. for my credit card processing and ATM for about 3 months now and have seen an increase in my bottom line. I have achieved this by lowering the percentage I pay on my credit card processing and keeping the entire service charge on my ATM transactions with leasing to own the equipment. I would highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone who accepts credit cards or have an ATM, plus is you’re a Tavern League member you get even better rates and offers for equipment."
Joe Steinke, Joe's Sample House (Oshkosh, WI)
“I was afraid of having an ATM. Cornerstone has made it so easy to have one and I can’t believe how easy and maintenance free it is.”
Rob Fisher, Relocation Pub & Eatery (Mosinee, WI)
“The Aldelo POS System installed by Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. has met our expectations at Fat Joes Bar & Grill. We have one back office PC, two kitchen printers, two full stations bar terminals and two server terminals. The software is easy and I love the accountability and the inventory. The post install service has been great. The best thing is it’s easy to train new employees.”
Joe Wallendar, Fat Joe's Bar & Grill (Fond du Lac, WI)
“Everything is excellent! The hardware, software, benefits and features are all top notch. On a scale of 1 – 10, I give Aldelo and Cornerstone Processing Solutions, Inc. a 10 all the way! I am very happy thus far with my Aldelo POS System.”
Zee Ajdini, Legend's Sports Bar & Grill (Oshkosh, WI)
From an Aldelo POS merchant whose system crashed due to viruses this past Friday: “I don’t really know who Matt is, but he is my most favorite person and he is priceless to me now!”
Judy, PJ Campbells at the Depot (Plymouth, WI)

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